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X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer

I am excited and proud to present the new X-Men trailer. Not only am I a huge X-Men fan but this trailer was also created by Mob Scene, one of my current internship.

God this song is good!

(Source: Spotify)

Forgot about Secondhand Serenade until yesterday and how much I loved them! Reminds me of high school.

(Source: Spotify)

Superfruit sings all of Beyonce’s album in one cover

These two men make up the Youtube music sensation Superfruit and are part of the Penatonix, an acoustic group.

Liam Bit my Finger

I love it when actors don’t take themselves too seriously. This is a wonderful blend of Television, Movies, and Internet Sensation.

Newest Project

This is a short music video/film that me and a couple of friends did. The music is Young Blood by The Naked and Famous.

Youtube pairing up with Contiki

When watching youtube this morning I saw an add for a relatively new company called Contiki.

SXSW Artists and Internship Validation

SXSW Artists and Internship Validation

SXSW Artists and Internship Validation

Today felt really good. For my internship all the interns had to come up with a list of bands, performing at SXSW, who we might potentially sign a pub. deal with. My list was relatively small compared to the other with only like 5 or 6 bands. Today we got feedback on our lists and the overall reaction was not very good. My supervisor said that there were…

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James Blunt- Miss America

Here is another great song off of James Blunts new album Moon Landing.